Stay On Course

airplane landingI was reading yesterday about navigation. Don’t ask why… just think I am a really smart guy and I sit around reading Popular Mechanics… so anyway…. reading about navigation of commercial airplanes. It seems that the way that the computer systems work is that they follow transponders on the ground. I know, this may not be a big shock to find this out, but what was shocking was that the article said that most of the time the planes are off course. Apparently, the way this works is that the planes fly for a while, then when they come to a transponder, they “course correct” or get back on course.

So, the point is- even if we get “off course” with our lives, with our goals, with whatever we are trying to accomplish, we can still get to where we are going by making small corrections.

O.K.- so it is kinda corny… but what do you want.

I just know that I can get off course just a little and I feel like just kicking myself. I need to always remember that getting back on course is just as easy as doing the next right thing… whatever that may be. And just worrying about what I am going to do today. Just today- not tomorrow or the next or the rest of the week- or the rest of my life- JUST TODAY!

Whatever you want to do, do it now. There are only so many tomorrows.- Unknown


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