Hot, Flat & Crowded

Just another regular day on Bourbon Street--(AP Photo/Jonathan Bachman)

Just another regular day on Bourbon Street–(AP Photo/Jonathan Bachman)

Just a quick one today on how ridiculous this is that we have “global warming” debate… well, not that ridiculous. I think it IS getting warmer, but I think that the jury is still out on exactly WHY.

It seems that some really smart guys have gotten together… with their preconceived notions about how we are causing global warming and NOT PROVEN A THING.

You see, it is much too complex to try to say that the earth’s temperature will go up by this many degrees by such and such a time. Too hard to predict using computer models- our atmosphere, the gasses (greenhouse and others), heat absorption by the earth’s crust or by the oceans— all of these things play a factor and  its just too much. There are WAY too many variables. All of these models have been “spectacularly wrong” to quote one of these really smart guys.

So, it is my humble opinion that God will take care of us… all of us. That is the one UN-VARIABLE that all of the models seem to leave out.

“The interior of the earth is extremely hot – several million degrees.”- Al Gore  (It actually peaks out at about 11,000 degrees.)




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