Why Is Change So Hard? Some Tips To Help

Well, I know all too well about this… I just lost my job a few days ago. Frankly, I saw it coming, so, not that surprising, but shocking none the less.

Not anything that I could really help. Not my fault. Extenuating circumstances. All beyond my control. Yeah… try explaining THAT to my super-low self-esteem.

I think that change is so hard because of the unknown. That and the fact that it gets us out of our comfort zone.

courtesy of reallifecoaching.net

courtesy of reallifecoaching.net

So, I’m going to try to keep my head up and give some advice to myself about change. How it works. How I can overcome. How I can attack the problem of how I am feeling.

Well, for me, it is as simple as one thing… my comfort zone. I don’t want to change because it  HURTS!!!! Physically and mentally.

According to Amy Brooks, L.P.T.A., A.T.R.-B.C., Licensed Behaviorist at the Baptist Nutrition Center, “Making healthy changes is hard work, and many people struggle with turning their good intentions into actions.” (Quoted from the Baptist Health Systems Healthsourse newsletter)

So, here are my tips to making changes happen or easing the blow of change that you may not have sought out:

1. Get educated the more you know… the easier it will be. Lately my wife has been doing this for us. She has been finding out all about the new places that we may live in the future (I’ve had some interviews), and she is giving me all the info. Cut through all the clutter that is out there and get a feel for the unknown. There is a lot of good info available right at your fingertips.

2. Join a team- By this, I don’t mean that you have to play flag football. I mean, get some folks around you that have similar goals—-  or at the very least will support you. These may be people you already know or they may be new friends.

3. Take baby steps- it is impossible to run a marathon the first day out there training… but if you work hard… walk– then run… you can train for it in less than a year. Break your goals into small bite-size pieces!!

I think that these 3 tips can help me… and can help you if you get into a situation where change is inevitable.

FIRST SALESMAN: I made some very valuable contacts today.

SECOND SALESMAN: Yeah, I didn’t sell anything today either.


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