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Feel The Fear; Do It Anyway

bethnal-green-1On March 3rd, 1943 an air raid siren sounded in London. The citizens of London knew they were at war with Germany and that a retaliation attack was possible. But with nothing but the sound of the siren, panic and mass hysteria was the result. 1500 people tried to get down the steps of the Bethnal Green train station tunnel for protection. Londoners went into the “Tube Stations” to escape the bombs. One lady, carrying her small baby, tripped on the stairs and fell. Within a few seconds 300 people were crushed into the tiny stairwell. The chaos lasted less than 15 minutes, but 172 people were dead at the scene, with one more dying the next day.
No German bombers came that night. The largest number killed by any single bomb during the blitz in England was 68. The crush at Bethnal Green was the largest loss of civilian life in the UK in World War II. But bombs didn’t kill those people – fear did.
bethnal-green-signWhat we need to realize is that most of our fears are really nothing to be fearful about. There is a saying in Al-anon- it is- “I can’t, God can, I think I’ll let him.” To me, this means that we need to let God take care of everything. That does not mean that we lay in our beds, waiting for life to happen to us- we have to go out and make things happen, but it does mean that God will take care of us along the way.

Don’t be afraid of the unknown… it’s probably not that bad.

“Love is what we were born with. Fear is what we learned here.”- Marianne Williamson

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