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Benefits of Weight Loss- Not Just Features

feature-vs-benefitYou know, I was reading the other day about sales presentations. I know… this is just one step up from watching paint dry and going to insurance seminars… but I was. Anyway, I was reading this thing and there was a very simple yet profound truth stated. It was, “People don’t buy features, they buy benefits.” It’s true… think about it. The last time you bought a car… it did not make any difference, really, if it had anti-lock brakes- this is a feature of the car. However, the real benefit to having anti-lock brakes is that you don’t make a star in the windshield with your skull the next time you get behind some blue hair, in a monsoon, in the parking lot at Walmart. The point is, you don’t really care about something till it helps you… till it benefits you. (BTW- insurance is the ultimate in this department- there are no features… just benefits)

So, I want to explore some of the BENEFITS of losing weight… maybe you can be sold on the idea.

1. Even minimal weight loss will help with several underlying health issues. Losing 10-15% of your body weight (Say from 256-236) can lead to decrease in blood pressure and cholesterol.

2. This same minimal amount of weight loss will increase your ability to regulate blood sugar… thus decreasing your risk for diabetes.

3. Improve your breathing and mobility. Now, a lot of folks may not be as big as I was… I was getting close to 300lbs… but I have noticed that it is A LOT EASIER to tie my shoes since I lost all this weight.

4. It has helped me sleep better. I was using a CPAP machine (that was the worst, most God-Awful thing ever invented) before the weight loss challenge began with People Magazine. Actually, I was still using it a few months in… then I was able to stop. My sleep apnea was caused by the fat around my neck… it was closing off my windpipe and waking me up at night… sometimes 40 or 50 times an hour. This is one of the big things that keeps me on the right track… the thought of having to use this machine again. Also, when I started working out… I slept a lot better because I was so tired.

These are just some of the things that are real benefits to taking charge. Hope these help sell you on the idea.

“People don’t want to buy a quarter inch drill, they want a quarter inch hole.”- Theodore Levitt

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