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Get A Little Help From Our Friends

Associated press photo- but that is me on the right

Associated press photo- but that is me on the right

So, a couple years ago, I was in this weight loss contest/event/reality show. You can check it out here. It was the People Magazine Weight Loss Challenge. And I won the damn thing!!! The way I did this was really three fold.

1. I had a real tough trainer. Former NFL player- bad-ass.

2. I committed to eating right… right portions, right foods.

3. The trainer had me in a GROUP exercise setting. I had help from all the people in that group. I ended up losing more weight than anyone else in the program… they were not in groups.

So, this past week, I was talking to one of the people that has become a good friend of mine through this process. She started her weight loss trip (SO TIRED OF THE WORD JOURNEY) not long after I started. I was asking her what she felt like was the difference this time around. You see, she told me that she had tried to lose weight several times (just like I had).

She told me that the difference was having a mentor… or a group of mentors that helped her. Now… I was one of the mentors, and I can say from my experience, that it was just as valuable to be a mentor as it was to have one. It was great to have those people to lead, but it was great to have them push us along as well.

So, in order to be successful, at least from our (my friend’s and my) perspective- it is good to help others- this way you can help yourself.

So, find a mentor- find a group of people to work out with, to try to accomplish any goal with. Get some support. We all need our friends- you can help some and be helped by others!

We live by encouragement and die without it; slowly, sadly and angrily- Actress Celeste Holm

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